Welcome to PKS (Professional Knowledge Sharing) Community

Welcome to the PKS (Professional Knowledge Sharing) Community! :wave:t3:

This is a platform where Professionals like Company Secretary, Chartered Accountants, Cost Management Accountants, Lawyers etc. can meet, get help, share resources and discuss on various topics under Corporate Laws, topics related to technical issues face by them, interpretation of law, tricks and guide, Articles etc. We have only a few simple guidelines:

  • :blush: Be polite and kind to other members
  • :writing_hand: When posting questions, try to be clear and concise and write descriptive titles. If you need help with many different things, try posting them as separate topics
  • :link: Where possible, provide screenshots or even videos that help explain the point you are trying to make especially for any technical issues
  • :earth_asia: Please be aware that everything you post in the forums is public.

We are delighted to have you in this community and We ensure to have healthy place for people to discuss various topics.